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  Time to goal weight: How long until I hit my weight-loss goal?

Okay, you've set your goal weight, but you're not sure where to start. Do you wham-bam crash diet, if so, just how far should you crash? You know it takes time to lose weight, but how much time?

Enter your current weight, your goal weight, and some other data about yourself, and this handy-dandy weight loss calculator will give you an estimate of how fast you'll lose enough weight to meet your goal if you cut your intake by 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, or 40%. As you lose weight, the calories you can eat per day will go down, so the calculator will tell you how many calories to eat as you lose each pound. Remember: weight loss isn't, and shouldn't, be a quicky thing. The slower you can lose, the more likely you are to keep the weight off. Remember, too, that the more you lose, the fewer calories you require: that's why you'll see the calories per day going down as the pounds fall off.

DISCLAIMER: This calculator is for entertainment purposes only and must NOT be construed as medical advice. Consult a licensed physician or registered dietician before starting on any diet or exercise plan. Dieting at fewer than 1200 calories per day can lead to metabolic slowdown, muscle loss, and serious, life-threatening problems such as heart disease.
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(Info: Based on the Harris-Benedict formula)

* Your weight now:
Your GOAL weight:

* Your Height:
* Your Age (in Years): (Age must be more than 0 and less than 120)
* Your Gender:
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